2001 Vintage Ripe Yi Wu Pu Erh

Pronounced ‘Aged’ Taste with Notes of Dried Fruit, Camphor and Spice

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This limited and rare ripe Pu Erh Tea was picked and pressed in 2001 and only deepens in rich spicy flavour as the years age this vintage tea even further. When it was picked in Yi Wu Menghai in Yunnan, it was wet piled to encourage microbial fermentation, after which it was carefully handled and left to age in bamboo baskets in strict, dry-stored conditions in Guangdong. This superior example of a vintage pu erh creates the deepest red infusion, with aromas of age and spice and a peat-like quality akin to aged whisky. The taste is notably the same, with the pleasant addition of roasted stone fruits. When you drink this tea, it imparts an overall sensation of liveliness, as if the tea is renewed by the hot water and ready to offer the goodness it has been storing for over two decades. Enjoy with chocolate, coffee-flavoured desserts or rich red meats. 

Net Weight: 50g
Pu Erh
Camphor, Spice, Peat
Yi Wu, Menghai, Yunnan, China