Cinnamon Pu Erh

Earthy, Woody Notes Complemented by Smooth Sweet Cinnamon Spice

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A mild and sweet Pu Erh Tea with soothing notes of cinnamon spice. This blend is composed of an aged pu erh tea base, offering earthy and woody notes that are complemented by real curls and pieces of cinnamon, as well as a little natural flavouring. The experience is distinctly cinnamon (a winner for cinnamon lovers!) with a long, smooth finish. This tea is wonderful for a prolonged break in the afternoon to earth the senses, or after breakfast acting as a gentle digestif.

Net Weight: 50g
King of Pu-Erh (83%), cinnamon rolls (11%), cinnamon pieces (4%), flavour
Earthy, Woody, Sweet-Spice
Yunnan, China