Darjeeling Spring Seeyok

A Honeyed 1st Flush with Notes of Tart Grapes, Spring Flowers and Strawberry

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This Darjeeling Tea – a first flush – comes from Seeyok Tea Garden – one of the oldest certified tea gardens in Darjeeling, established in 1869 and converted to organic in 1994. The garden is tucked away in the Mirik Valley on the India-Nepal border at altitudes of between 1100 and 1800 metres.The terroir is rich and fertile, with plenty of rainfall and interspersed throughout the bushes are neem, pine and jungle woods, encouraging plenty of wildlife, especially birds, boar and deer. The carefully cultivated origin of this tea, a high quality FTGFOP1 grade, combined with excellent production creates a tea with inky shards, flecks of olive green and a small amount of downy white tips. The aroma is highly fragrant and floral, with notes of young, tart grapes and warm spring flowers. The honey infusion has subtle notes of sweet strawberry, unmistakable muscatel and a quenching, slightly astringent finish.

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Net Weight: 50g
black tea
Tart Grapes, Muscatel, Spring Flowers, Strawberries
Seeyok Tea Gardens, Darjeeling