Darjeeling Spring Selimbong

A Distinctly Floral 1st Flush, with Honeyed Muscatel and Smooth Finish

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If you’re looking for the highest quality Darjeeling Tea – a first flush – this example from Selimbong Tea Gardens is an excellent choice. The gardens are situated at over 1400m above sea level on the Indo-Nepalese border in the valley of Mirik, which is also famous for its orange groves. Our Darjeeling Spring Blossom 1st Flush from Selimbong is a FTGFOP1 grade of Darjeeling clonal, made from only the youngest, most tender buds that are hand-picked and produced.

The leaves of this tea present a combination of large, downy needles, long black twists and open olive-green leaf. Upon infusion, intense, mouth-watering aromas are released that are reminiscent of petrichor – that beautiful fragrance we can smell on a hot day after the rain: warm, sweet, earthy and floral. The flavour offers pronounced honeyed muscatel with a long, smooth finish.

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Net Weight: 50g
black tea
Orange Blossom, Muscatel and Honey
Selimbong Tea Gardens, Darjeeling