Darjeeling Spring Singell

Fresh, Verdant 1st Flush, with Notes of Young Blossom, Hay and Sweet Honey

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This Darjeeling Tea – a first flush – is a fresh and verdant expression of spring at Singell Tea Estate, which is 1500m above sea level and surrounded by pine forest and velvet-green valleys – light fog gathers in patches over the far-reaching views of the Eastern Himalayas. Our Darjeeling Spring Blossom First Flush from Singell is a FTGFOP1 grade of Darjeeling clonal, made from only the youngest, most tender buds that are hand-picked and produced. The leaves of this tea are small but perfectly balanced to offer an even distribution of bud, leaf and twists. This style of production creates an infusion that is golden in colour, with aromas of fresh hay, warm honey, and young flowers. The taste is verdant and green, with undertones of young blossom and a touch of sweetness.

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Net Weight: 50g
black tea
Hay, Young Blossom, Honey-Sweetness
Singell Tea Estate, Darjeeling