Formosa Cinnamon Oolong

A Buttery Infusion with Fruity, Floral Aroma and Sweet Cinnamon Spice

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A beautifully buttery and spicy Taiwanese Formosa Oolong Tea, fragranced by the addition of natural cinnamon, much in the same way that Chinese Jasmine Teas are achieved. Layers of oolong leaves are laid with cinnamon pieces in tiers and gently warmed before being set aside to rest and for the cinnamon to truly impart its comforting spice to this floral, fruity tea. The infusion is light and green with floral and verdant aromas, and notes of subtle cinnamon. The infusion is lovely and buttery, with lively apricot notes that give way to the sweetness of cinnamon.  A comforting and refreshing tea.

Net Weight: 50g
Oolong Tea, Natural Cinnamon
Butter, Apricot, Cinnamon