Imperial Yunnan Golden Buds

Sweet and Malty with Notes of Caramelised Wheat and Milk Chocolate

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A very rare, pure bud black tea plucked Pre Qing Ming in the cooler month of February from established bushes in Mojiang Town, Yunnan. Processed carefully to maintain subtleties of flavour, the leaf is beautifully intact: long, golden and almost sticky to the touch, covered in fine hairs. Aromas are malty and sweet with floral perfume, as well as notes of steamed aubergine. The superbly golden infusion has notes of caramelised wheat and cocoa butter. A complex tea with full body and a thick, coating mouthfeel. Incredibly smooth and easy to drink. Enjoy multiple small, short infusions to unravel this tea’s complexities.

Net Weight: 50g
Chinese black tea
Caramel, wheat, chocolate
Yunnan, China