Lushan Yun Wu

Lingering Vegetal Aroma with Sweet Tropical Fruit, Nutty Notes and Thick Umami Aftertaste

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Yun Wu tea – a Chinese green tea – is also known as ‘Clouds and Mist’ and this is one of China’s most famous green teas. This particularly superb harvest comes from Jiangxi, grown in the Lushan mountain range at 700m and tended to by tea master Mr Zheng. Picked in very early spring this year, Mr Zheng has created an impressive example of this acclaimed tea, with beautiful, skinny twists of emerald green leaf. Upon infusion there is a lingering vegetal aroma of red beans which, as it cools, reveals sweet, fruity high notes such as passionfruit and lime, and sugared almonds. The flavour begins with brothy courgette and gives way to succinct sweetness with a thick umami aftertaste. Over multiple infusions, lighter more floral nuances are revealed.

Net Weight: 50g
Green tea
Red beans, tropical fruit, nuts and umami
Jiangxi, China