Organic Matcha Cocktail Grade Kagoshima

For Matcha Latte, Matcha Smoothies, Matcha Ice Cream or Matcha Desserts

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For our Organic Matcha Cocktail Grade we only use tea leaves from the Kagoshima prefecture in Japan. This specific Matcha is made exclusively from 1st and autumn harvest to create that ideal taste profile of leafy sweetness and more mature aromas. An ultra-healthy beverage that contains the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea and has been dubbed the ‘ultimate superfood’ by nutrition experts. Can be mixed into smoothies, ice cream, cookies, matcha latte or used in baking. Check out our Organic Matcha Cocktail Grade Recipes > 

Net Weight 80g

Also available in 200g pouches 

Net Weight: 80g
Organic green tea
Leafy, Sweet, Umami
Kagoshima, Japan