Velvet Salted Caramel Tin

An Indulgent Black Tea with Warming Spices, Smoothed by Velvety Salted Caramel

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Our Velvet Salted Caramel Tea is a special black tea gift that we’re recommending as a super smooth afternoon indulgence (though its moreishness can be enjoyed whenever you like). This loose leaf tea combines a black tea base with small shards of velvety salted caramel and whole, natural spices such as fennel seeds, aniseed and black peppercorns, as well as roasted apple pieces. Together they create the smoothest, sweetest infusion in the mouth, full of flavour and body. Serve in the afternoon for a decadent tea experience

Net Weight: 120g
black tea (55%), fennel, apple pieces (roasted), aniseed, natural flavour, black peppercorns
Rich, Sweet, Smooth