Wild Wuyi Black

Incredibly Floral and Fruity, with Notes of Peach, Wild Honey and Alluring Depth

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This sensational Wild Wuyi Black Tea sits within our Platinum Collection, featuring only the rarest, most interesting teas we find along our way. This particular example is grown in the mineral-rich soils of the famous Wuyishan area of Fujian, China. While this tea is processed as a black tea – meaning that it is fully oxidised – it has the complex, fruity character of a dark oolong. This tea was picked in early April, and grows wild in an abandoned tea garden at an altitude of 800m – as a result of these factors, the leaves are large and long. When processed, they resemble elegant, lengthy twists (like delicate little branches), unfurling into an infusion that is the colour of roasted peaches, and has an energetic aroma to match. The scent is incredibly floral and fruity – somewhat peachy and elderberry-like,with an alluring black tea depth. The flavour is much the same, and is cooling in the mouth, rousing the palette and the senses. This tea has a light to medium body, and finishes on a pleasant touch of astringency, with a truly enlivening quality.

Net Weight: 30g
Black tea
Roasted Peach, Wild Honey and Cinnamon Bark
Wuyishan, Fujian, China