Yunnan Golden Buds

A Golden Black Tea, with Notes of Honey, Malt and Cacao, and a Velvety Texture

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Yunnan Golden Buds black tea from Yunnan, China. This rare tea belongs in our Platinum Collection for the quality of its whole, long golden curls that unfurl into deep brown leaves when infused, and produce a liquor of outstanding complexity and flavour. Aromas of rich, wild forest honey, malt and cacao can be found in this mahogany-red coloured infusion that has a full body and silky texture and a pronounced caramel, sticky date sweetness with a lasting finish.

This tea Yunnan Golden Buds tea is picked and harvested in March in the spring where only the finest young buds of exceptional quality are selected and fully oxidised to create this deep, dark and comforting tea. This crop comes from tea gardens in the Jinggu region of Yunnan, which is known for its ancient tea production and large-leaf wild trees. We have read that this area has been known to be called ‘an immense forest of bright pearls’, as well as being the place within which 35 million-year old Magnolia fossils were found, proving Magnolia to be one of the oldest flowers on earth, and an ancestor in the area to the later tea bushes cultivated here. This is why Jinggu is known as ‘the land of tea ancestors’.

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Net Weight: 50g
Black tea
Wild forest honey, malt and cacao
Jinggu region of Yunnan, China