Yunnan Spring Assamica

Full Bodied and Chocolate-Sweet with Notes of Raspberry, Flowers and Eucalyptus

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A rare, premium black tea, Yunnan Spring Assamica Tea is an incredibly pure wild tree purple leaf ancient, natural varietal, usually reserved for pu erh production,  grown at high altitude in the forests of Yunnan in Mei Zi Qing Village. Made from first flush leaves only and picked from trees as old as 150 years. This is a beautifully complex, evocative tea that imparts an incredibly relaxing feeling, along with tasting notes of sweet chocolate, ripe raspberries, a touch of malt, with an incredibly floral aroma. Over multiple infusions, this tea becomes deeper and earthier. Ages well if kept in cool, room temperature conditions in an airtight container. Pair with rich red meats like venison, or with hearty Italian dishes.

Net Weight: 50g
Chinese black tea
Chocolate, red fruit, eucalyptus
Yunnan, China