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Tea for business

At AVANTCHA, we are fully equipped to offer tea solutions crafted to your F&B business needs. Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, café, spa or corporate office, we specialise in tailored tea experiences designed to complement every part of your establishment. Services include bespoke menu creation, design and presentation, and special offerings that suit every aspect of your business.


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Our Offering

Range of tea

Discover our diverse range of teas, naturally flavoured tea blends, and herbal tisanes. From familiar favourites such as Organic English Breakfast to exciting, innovating combinations, explore an array of flavours.

Temperature-controlled warehouses

Our teas are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses to maintain optimal conditions. We prioritise precise temperature regulation so we can protect the natural flavour and aroma of our products.

Carefully packed

At our centralised facility, all our products undergo careful packaging process to safeguard against air, light and moisture. This helps preserve its consistency and freshness. With our commitment to quality control, you can trust that each product maintains its flavour, providing you and your customers with the best experience.


Over the past decade, we have established long-standing business relationships with our valued clients, creating the best experiences for guests to enjoy and engage with the very best that tea has to offer. From tailor-made tea programs to inspiring events and custom products, we possess the expertise to deliver excellence, creating unforgettable moments for your business. Visit our Business pages to learn more, or contact us for a chat.

Tea Selection Consultation

Our team of experts will offer their guidance on the perfect teas tailored to both your clientele’s preferences and your business’ needs. We’ll work alongside you to curate a tea selection that aligns with your business objectives and your customers tastes.

Design and Presentation

Our range of solutions is designed to cater to different environments and capabilities, from cafes to conferences and hotels. We can provide adaptable results that can seamlessly integrate into any space, ensuring functionality.

Unique Tea Offerings

With an extensive selection of over a hundred teas, blends and tisanes to choose from, we ensure that your menu will not only be diverse but also brimming with flavour.

Creative Solutions

Pressed for time? We can provide step-by-step tips and guidance to help you effortlessly bringing your vision to life.

Tea for Corporations

Our comprehensive offerings include tailored tea solutions designed to fit the F&B area at airport lounges, private terminals, and in-flight catering, including design and presentation, bespoke menus, and specialised services that suit every part of your business. With our expert team, we ensure that every detail aligns seamlessly with your business objectives and enhances your guests’ experience.

Corporate Gifts

We offer a range of customisable corporate tea gifts, including VIP, deluxe and smaller gestures. Discover our diverse selection of gifts, tailored to suit every occasion as each gift has been thoughtfully curated and tastefully assembled, ensuring a memorable experience for the receiver.

“When words are just not enough, our gifts extend the kind of gratitude that makes a statement. For a modest yet meaningful gift that lasts, our selection can be customised however you like it”

Tea Supply

Need plenty of good tea to keep your workforce hydrated and motivated, as well as impressing your business guests? Our streamlined ordering process makes it effortless to stock up on all your favourite teas for the office.

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