Japanese Sakura Iri Kukicha

Light & Refreshing Made with Green Tea Stems & Fragrant Cherry Blossoms

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Our Japanese Sakura Iri Kukicha is a green tea blended with pink Sakura cherry blossom flowers. This tea combines kukicha tea stems with blossoms picked in their prime in the famous blossom flowering season of Japan. The flowers and petals are then carefully salted to maintain colour and freshness. A little Sakura leaf is added, too, creating an infusion full of cherry blossom aroma and green depths. The taste is floral and fresh, with a touch of salinity, and plenty of creamy umami. Pair these unique flavours with nutty desserts, light French macarons, or even soft cheeses. In Japan, this tea is popular with pastel coloured mochi.

Green Tea, Sakura Blossom Petals (Salted), Sakura Leaves
Cherry Blossom, Fresh Green Leaf, Umami
Shizuoka, Japan