Moroccan Mint Silk Teabags

Traditional Blend of Organic Gunpowder and Moroccan Nana Mint Leaves

£19.00 - 58

Our Moroccan Mint Tea Bags are intensely minty, strong and refreshing, this naturally farmed loose leaf Moroccan Mint green tea is a perfect beverage to be enjoyed in a hot climate, and is as delicious as it is famous. Gunpowder green tea blended with Nana Mint is blended and processed according to ancient tradition. This mint tea is not simply a drink in the Arab world, but a sign of friendship and hospitality. It helps that it’s also a wonderful aid to digestion, too. Enjoy in the late afternoons or after a long meal.

Composed of organic green tea, organic nana mint leaves and natural essences (7%).

Our tea bags are made from biosilk and are biodegradable. Generously filled with 3.5g of loose tea to ensure a full flavoured cup that can be infused up to two times.

Net Weight: 250g
Organic green tea, organic nana mint leaves, natural essence
Refreshing, intense, minty
China, Egypt, Morocco