Peach Dan Cong Oolong

Remarkably Pronounced Aroma of Peach with Sweet, Fruity Character and Crisp Finish

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In April, this rare Chinese oolong tea is picked from old, wild trees at 1000m altitude in Da’an village, Guangdong, China. The leaves (a Pao Tao varietal) are then slowly and laboriously roasted and rested repeatedly to elicit the incredible fruity flavour of this oolong. Don’t be fooled by the pale peach infusion – this tea is light but superbly complex with bright, clear floral aromas of warm honeysuckle and ripe fruit. The flavour is deeply honeyed with unmistakable notes of peach and caramelised apples. A wonderfully soft, smooth and juicy tea.

Net weight 30g

Net Weight: 30g
Oolong tea
Peach, honeysuckle, caramelised apples
Guangdong, China