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Silk Teabag Explorer

Try One of Each of Our Teabag Range with this Explorer Set and Find Your Favourite

£15 Incl. Tax

Availability: In stock

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Introducing our new Silk Teabag Explorer for creating your ideal day in tea. Advance your daily wellness rituals and routine with this collection of our teabags, finding the teas that suit you as an individual and align with key moments in your day. There are 15 different teas to try, and a total of 20 teabags in each box.

For new customers for a limited time only, the cost of the Silk Teabag Explorer will be redeemable against your second purchase. A unique code for £15 will be emailed to you following your order and will expire after three months. You will also be reminded regularly during this time via email to use your code on your new favourite teas. Only one code is valid per customer and purchase. 

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

For Mornings 

Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, you might like to begin your day with a brisk breakfast tea – such as our Organic English Breakfast – that’s comforting, flavourful and uplifting, or perhaps with a naturally fragranced Jasmine Mao Jian green tea that stirs the senses with its sweet perfume.

For Afternoons

Refresh and renew with something energetic and enlivening. Our Rush Hour Berry herbal tea is a bestseller with good reason, packed with natural, juicy fruit and berries that deliver not just bright colour and aroma, but plenty of real flavour, too.  The same can be said for our Organic Masala Spice Chai, which is underpinned with a smooth black tea and blended with whole spices for a superb scent and taste.

For Evenings

As the day winds down, many like to opt for a caffeine-free alternative. If you like the taste of black teas but don’t want the caffeine, our Rooibos Vanilla Earl Grey has all the flavour and has been described by customers as ‘a hug in a mug’. Our Lemon Verbena and Lavender delivers intense aroma – the lavender scent lulling even the busiest minds off to sleep, and our Organic Ginger Breeze is ideal for warming the body before getting into bed.

Our Silk Teabag Explorer makes an ideal small tea gift to offer to those looking for new ways to enjoy health beverages throughout the day, and build their own wellness routines, too.

Your Silk Teabag Explorer includes:

Black Tea 

Assam English Breakfast

Organic English Breakfast

Organic Masala Spice Chai Black Tea

Majestic Earl Grey

Green Tea 

Jasmine Mao Jian

Spring Mao Feng

White Tea 

Peach and Pear

Rose White

Herbal Tea 

Rooibos Vanilla Earl Grey

Organic Chamomile Cooler

Organic Ginger Breeze

Rush Hour Berry

Lemon Verbena and Lavender

Moroccan Mint

Organic Mint Duo

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