Superior Qian Tang Dragon Well Long Jing

Roasted Chestnut, Asparagus and Fresh Grass with Nutty Sweetness and Rich Umami

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This Superior Qian Tan Dragon Well Long Jing green tea is our highest grade within our selection from the 2022 spring harvest. We have sourced it from a tea garden in Chuanfang Village in the traditional growing origin of Zhejiang, not far from the West Lake and Yuezhou, which are the other two original growing locations for this world-famous Chinese tea. The Qian Tang river divides these locations, with Chaunfang Village farthest to the west. 

When you first open this tea, be sure to lift the pouch and inhale deeply – it doesn’t get any fresher or more succulent than this, and it’s a moment to truly savour before going on to make an infusion. The leaves are elegant, flat and long green spears that release the remarkable roasted chestnut fragrance that good examples of this tea are so highly regarded for, as well as an asparagus-vegetal and citrus quality that arouses the taste buds. The infusion is yellow-green and has a coating, silky mouthfeel, giving way to nutty-sweetness, and deep umami that occurs as a result of growing conditions, and early picking before the spring rains. 

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Net Weight: 50g
Green tea
Roasted chestnut, asparagus, fresh grass
Qian Tang, Zhejiang, China