Tea Lovers Gift Set

Tea Pot and Spoon and Your Choice of Loose Tea Caddy

£62.00 - 68

Pick your Loose Leaf Caddy Below:
Assam English Breakfast
Assam English
Majestic Earl Grey
Majestic Earl
Velvet Salted Caramel
Velvet Salted
Midnight Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint

Gift the ultimate tea gift to a tea lover in your life with one elegant, simple tea lovers gift set:

  • Our Solo Tea Pot
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Tea Caddy filled with Flavoursome Loose Leaf Tea

We’ve curated four sets to choose from that include either one of our classic black teas, or a special, limited edition festive black tea, to help make choosing easy and to steep the receiver in luxury.

At Dawn – Assam Breakfast

A single origin Assam Breakfast tea, blended from across the finest tea gardens across the Assam region to create a rich, malty and assertive tea with which to start the day. Ideal for breakfast tea lovers or those who have expressed an interest in transitioning from tea bags to loose leaf tea.

This high quality black breakfast tea also makes the perfect accompaniment to the festive breakfast table alongside decadent breakfasts, orange juice and a brisk glass of fine champagne to toast the occasion.

At Noon – Majestic Earl Grey

Our Majestic Earl Grey is a smooth black tea uplifted with the natural essence of zesty bergamot and sprinkled with marigold and cornflowers. A fine tea to accompany light dishes and lunches, or afternoon teas, and a generous gift for Earl Grey lovers, offering them the very highest quality version of this classic black tea with true clarity of taste.

Our Earl Grey beautifully complements the freshness of the festive table’s smoked fish and light vegetables, finished with a flourish of caviar.

At Dusk – Velvet Salted Caramel

Velvet Salted Caramel is a festive black tea we recommend as a super smooth afternoon indulgence (though you can drink it anytime you like).

Featuring a black tea base, this tea is infused with fennel seeds, aniseed, black peppercorns, and roasted apple pieces along with small shards of velvety salted caramel. Together, they create a mouth-watering, sweet brew that is full of flavour and body. Serve during the day for a luxurious festive afternoon tea.

At Midnight – Midnight Chocolate Mint

Our Midnight Chocolate Mint festive black tea is similar to an After Eight, but we save it for those late, festive evenings. Maybe you’re hosting guests and you’re looking for something to finish off the evening, or perhaps you can’t sleep and you stumbled into the kitchen for something to enjoy by the low light of a candle. No matter your preference, this tea has what you need. It has a smooth black tea base, uplifted by a hint of peppermint, balanced with the creaminess of white chocolate. A few cornflower petals are added for a little visual flair, very much like fluttering snowflakes in Western climes.