Twin Teapot 700ml

Glass Teapot for Two and for Blooming Teas

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This glass twin teapot 700ml – part of our extensive range of glass teaware – has been designed specifically to give room for our blooming teas so that they have both substance and style. What better way to present these large blooms of tea entwined with flowers than in an elegant vessel that lets you view the whole spectacle from ball to blossoming beauty? What’s more is that this glass teapot is a wonderful addition to your cupboard if you like to make extra big cups of tea for two – it’s double the size of our solo teapot.

Design features include:

A short, deep spout to prevent dripping

A large handle to give fingers the room to hold and pour without touching the hot surface of the glass

Made from durable 2mm glass, heat resistant to temperatures up to 150C

A well-fitting lid with a built-in mesh filter so you can pour with ease, and with a little style

An additional plain glass fitted lid especially for blooming teas that need less filtering than a loose leaf, and yet a little more finesse