Whole Leaf Peppermint

Superbly Minty and Reviving with Intense Aroma of Menthol and a Cooling Lasting Finish

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The highest quality natural peppermint mint tea grown in Austria, handpicked to ensure only the largest, whole leaves of peppermint are selected. The leaves are dried slowly to preserve essential oils that impart a satisfying, intense minty infusion like no other. In hot water these long and delicate leaves release a lively, refreshing fragrance of menthol, creating a deep gold-green infusion that is invigorating in the mouth and leaves a lasting coolness. This exceptional peppermint tea is the best way to cleanse the palate after a meal, or to revive the senses at any time of day. Our whole leaf peppermint is also added to our Chamomile Cooler blend.

whole leaf peppermint
Smooth Menthol, Peppermint, Pine