Wild Mountain Mint

A Mellow, Musky Mint with Herbaceous, Earthy Aromas and Soothing Alpine Taste

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A wild mountain varietal of mint tea, picked in its natural habitat within the Lori region of Armenia from alpine meadows on Lalvar Mountain at altitudes up to 2100m. This mint tea is considerably different from others owing not only to the fact that it’s a different species of this herb, but also due to the wild and natural growing conditions. The result is a soft, almost fluffy dry leaf that produces a tea with mellow, musky aromas underpinned with a pronounced green-herbaceous quality and soft, sensuous aromas of pine wood, earth and broth. The taste has typical mint qualities – clean, pure and crisp – with a gentle, warming nature. A truly beautiful, caffeine-free way to start or end the day, or enjoy a moment of reflection at any time. 

Net Weight: 30g
wild mountain mint tea leaves
Herby, Earthy, Soothing