Organic Mint Duo Silk Teabags

Crisp and invigorating melange of North African nana mint and peppermint

£19.00 - 58

Deliciously mild and soothing in every way, there is no more refreshing herbal mint tea than spearmint and peppermint. This blend uses natural and slowly dried leaves of both mint varietals, meaning that plenty of essential oil is retained to create an aromatic and intensely refreshing infusion. Caffeine-free, peppermint teas are good for sleep, though you can enjoy the delights of this tea at all times of day and allow it to assist with digestion and of course, relaxation.

Each Organic Mint Duo silk teabag contains 2g full leaf tea.

Net Weight: 200g
Organic spearmint leaves, organic peppermint leaves
Crisp, sweet, lingering mint
North Africa