Rose Gold

Fragrant Rosebuds & Petals Interlaced with Honeyed Golden Buds from Yunnan

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An elegant black tea caddy filled with Our Platinum Yunnan Golden Buds – a Chinese black tea – that comes interlaced with an extra flourish: the most fragrant of pink rose petals, and sun dried red rosebuds, creating a tea that balances honeyed, malty flavour, with the romantic scent and essence of this classic flower. Upon infusion, the tea leaves release aromas of rich, wild honey and cacao, with sensuous notes from the rose petals. A deeply golden liquor reveals a full body, with pronounced caramel flavour and a lasting, velvety finish. Pair with petit fours (particularly chocolate) and pastries. Be sure to also try our bestselling Rose White – a Chinese white tea blended with rose petals for a lighter alternative.

Net Weight: 50
black tea, rose petals, rosebuds
Honey, Rose, Cacao
Yunnan, China