Tuscan Sun

Summer Blossoms, Earthy Herbs and Pieces of Honey-Sweet Fruit

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This beautiful herbal tea is a blend of Mediterranean botanicals that evoke the feeling of basking under a setting Tuscan Sun in Italy in late summertime. Warm florals, earthy herbs and pieces of natural, ripe fruit dripping with honeyed sweetness create a calm and serene feeling with every sip. The colours, aromas and flavours of this caffeine-free herbal tea are ideal for any time you wish to transport your senses to sunnier climes. Including lavender blossoms, blackberry leaves, marigold petals and pieces of apple.

While each of us is individual, some may find this blend to be particularly calming, with research showing that lavender and lime blossom are excellent for easing anxiety, and blackberry leaves are good for supporting the immune system. As with any tea, it’s a case of finding the ones that feel good and right for you. This tea can be enjoyed any time of day, though we particularly recommend the late afternoon as the sun begins to lower in the sky, and you’re seeking a moment of stillness. 

Apple pieces, Silver lime blossoms, Melissa leaves, Lavender blossoms, Rose blossoms red & pink, Blackberry leaves, Marigold Blossoms, Mallow blossoms
Honeyed Fruit, Floral, Herbaceous